The Moddpod Range

The Moddpod range offers a wide choice of glamping buildings to suit couples, friends and families. Ranging from basic sleeping facilities to separate bedrooms with all the comforts of home. It has been designed with fully insulated sip panels which means you can unwind in outdoor surroundings all year-round. It comes in five different sizes and can sleep between 2 – 4 people.

The Moddpod Extra: 2.9m x 4.8m, sleeps 2 + 2
The Moddpod: 2.5m x 4.9m, sleeps 2
The Moddpod 5.4: 2.9m x 5.4m, sleeps 2
The Moddpod Mini: 2.5m x 3.6m, sleeps 2