Outdoor Cinema Room

Get the full cinema experience in your garden

Advances in technology over the last five years mean you can now get that big screen experience at home, without the need to go to the cinema. Not only has the cost of going to the cinema increased dramatically, but the price of a large screen TV or projector has dropped, giving you the opportunity to have your own home cinema at home.

Space and sound insulation issues in the home can make a home cinema more difficult to achieve because of the fantastic insulation properties of our polyurethane panels sound proofing is not a problem.

An outdoor living room allows you to plan your space from the start, without having to work around door and window placements in an existing building. We offer a huge range of doors from 4m sliding door sets for the most possible light, to a single uPVC solid door allowing no light in for those looking for the ultimate man or woman cave.

Windows can also be placed in any panel, allowing you to decide which wall will house your projector screen or television.

Projectors and televisions can be mounted on any wall. Walls can be covered with a range of acoustically enhanced materials if you prefer.

We also offer an acoustic plastering package, which will add an additional reduction to the noise levels heard outside of your home cinema garden room, especially useful if you are in close proximity to your neighbours.

Our huge range of garden room sizes also allow you to design your room around the space available in your garden. A long but thin room will give you maximum projector throw, but also allow you to use a narrow area of the garden whilst large spaces will allow you to extend your cinema room to include a partitioned entrance area for storage of Blu-Rays, popcorn machines and even a beer fridge before entering the cinema area through an internal door.

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