Garden Rooms Preston

Outdoor Living Rooms are a leading supplier of quality outdoor garden rooms, garden offices, garden pods and leisure buildings. If you want to make the most out of the outdoor space at your Preston home take a look at the buildings we have to offer.

We specialise in the manufacturing, design and delivery of modular garden room systems. We can help you work out exactly what will work in your garden and for your needs. If you are looking for a garden office that can double up as a space to entertain clients, or that may need expanding at a later date as your business grows, we can deliver that for you. If your garden is your temple and you just want a sheltered space to sit out and enjoy it then we have a range of garden rooms that will allow for just that. And we cater for the whole family too, with many of our buildings being perfect for playrooms and dens for the younger generation too!

The modular system we use was developed by our sister company Modular Sips and allows for the garden rooms, garden offices and leisure buildings we deliver to be done so as a flat pack. Each SIP, or structural insulated panel, is then slotted together to form the building and seal the garden room or garden office so that it is efficient and ready for use.

All our team, from directors to labourers, have a strong background in areas such as design, construction, landscaping and timber product manufacturing so you can rest assure that you are in safe hands. We understand everything there is to understand about creating more space in your garden.

As a Blackburn and Ribble Valley company you will be placing trust in a local company when purchasing a garden pod or garden office for your Preston home. We offer a quick and easy solution for providing our products too so you can have your new garden room in no time at all.

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